Types Of Window awnings

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Did you know that shading your windows with external awnings can reflect up to 75% of heat from entering your home? You’ll not only stay cooler – you’ll save money on your cooling bills and protect your valuable furnishings from UV damage.

Contemporary to traditional, the Brax awning range is extensive with something to suit almost every home. Our experienced staff can advise on the most suitable option to suit your individual needs, and we offer professional installation.

Awning manufacture is a large part of Brax’s core business, with much of the range manufactured locally, at our South Geelong facilities. Using only the highest quality components, Brax awnings are designed to stay looking good and protect your home from the sun for many years.


Different window shapes, preferred styles and functional requirements can be catered for with the wide range of window awning types at Brax.

Automatic Locking Arm Awnings

Automatic Locking Arm Awnings, also commonly referred to as ‘autos’ may have been around for a long time, but still provide an excellent shading solution and are simple to operate. You simply pull the awning down and the arms lock into position where you stop it. Pushing down on the front rail then releases the arms, enabling the awning to be retracted or pulled further down if required.
Available in either traditional canvas fabric or sunscreen mesh – they can be adapted to suit both traditional and contemporary homes.

Pivot Arm Awnings

The Pivot Arm awning is designed to project the fabric off the window, ideal for awning style windows that open out. The fabric forms a canopy that allows air to flow behind the awning, and for the windows to be opened while the awning is down.

Selected products in the Alpha Awning range can span up to 5 metres wide.

Side Tension Channel (STC)

Also referred to as ‘zip screen’ awnings, due to the zip applied to the side of the fabric to hold it into the side track system. Our STC awnings are our premium straight drop system, ideal for enclosing balconies and courtyards. The fabric is tensioned into a floating side channel system and secured by the locking bottom rail. These awnings can be manually operated by crank control, or motorised for ease of use.

Please note that although these awnings are great for enclosing these areas, and will stop most of the wind, we do advise that you retract the awnings in strong wind, to avoid risk of potential damage and are also mindful that over time windy conditions may cause fabric to stretch and look baggy.

Alpha Awnings

The Alpha Awning range includes Cable Guide, Side Tension Channel (STC), Straight drop and Pivot Arm Awnings. This stylish range of awnings has been designed and engineered in Australia, making them ideal for our climate conditions. Developed to meet market demand for a modern and contemporary hardware system suited to new architectural building designs.

The standard hardware is now available in six fashion colours, 5 of which are inspired by popular Colorbond® colours, with other powder coat colours available to order for an additional charge.

Cable Guide Awnings

A great contemporary straight drop, manufactured using high tensile 2.5mm, 316 grade stainless steel cables, making them also suitable for coastal applications. With a locking bottom rail, the fabric is held taut and minimises bottom rail movement. Available in a manual, (crank operation) or motorised.

Straight Drop Awnings

A more traditional straight drop awning that uses no guides, making it suitable for situations where guides or cables are not possible. This awning is strapped down to a rail or the floor. Available only in a manually, crank operated version, with a choice of enclosed head box or open roller.

Check out our guide to choosing fabrics for awnings.