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Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors has been a Brax ambassador for 3 years, bringing a fresh approach to styling our window treatments. 

I first moved down to the coast four years ago and not long after, had the good fortune of being introduced to Cal from Brax Window Treatments. It became evident to me that Cal was passionate about her space and her customers, so there was an instant meeting of minds.

After running a short series of styling workshops at Brax HQ, we embarked upon some styled imagery that was eagerly swallowed up by press nation wide.

This was the beginning of what has become a long standing ambassadorship between myself and Brax Window Treatments. Our endeavour is to provide magazine quality imagery whilst remaining accessible and aspirational to people embarking upon a home renovation, or even their first home purchase.

We are passionate about colour, spaces, homes and the feelings and memories made within them. We hope you join us on our continued journey of making our homes our ‘happy places’
— Julia Green

Greenhouse Interiors Styled For Brax