The Brax Range Of Roller Blinds

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I often opt for a neutral palette with my blinds so that I can change up the decoratives seasonally. If you do it right the first time with quality locally made blinds like those from Brax, you will only have to do it once!
— Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are sleek, modern and minimal - an elegant yet simple way to cover your windows. Both practical and stylish, roller blinds are available in a large range of fabrics and colours, providing privacy, glare reduction and light filtering/blockout capabilities along with a fashionable look that will suit most decors.

At Brax we use Quantum® roller blind hardware, manufactured by Hunter Douglas. This system has been engineered to be robust and reliable, while also being smooth and quiet to operate.

Available in four standard hardware colours - white, grey, magnolia and black - that fully co-ordinate across bracket, chains and controls. The Quantum® system also features the ellipse ultra bottom rail, in 8 fashionable colours, which co-ordinates with any fabric for a stylish look and also features a rubber insert cleverly hidden on the back of the rail to help to absorb any sound of the rail bumping against the window.

Our roller blinds can also be fully automated for ever greater ease of use and convenience, via Somfy automation solutions. From a single motor that controls an individual blind, to voice activated systems, we have a full range of automation options to suit your individual needs and desires.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds use a fully opaque (blackout) fabric to control the light. Even in a light colour or white, these fabrics are designed to block the light from entering your room. Perfect for bedrooms, offering total light control and full privacy.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Turn down the sun, literally - offering glare reduction and uv protection, sunscreen roller blinds are manufactured from fabric with an approximate 5% openness factor, which gives you day time privacy without taking away all of your natural light or more importantly, your view.

Dual Roller Blinds (Day/Night Blinds)

Day/Night blinds offer the best of both worlds. By combining a blockout and sunscreen roller blinds on one simple bracket you have full control of light and privacy.

Translucent Roller Blinds

Translucent roller blinds are a simple and effective blind for rooms that don’t need to black out the light or retain a view. A number of our roller blind fabrics are available as a translucent option - perfect for bathrooms, laundries and offices where you may need some privacy but don’t need a total light blockout.

Bonded Roller Blinds

Offering endless possibility, bonded roller blinds are manufactured by adhering a backing to drapery fabric that then gives it a stiffness to allow it to function as a roller blind - perfect for when you want to inject some colour or pattern into your decor, or to co-ordinate with drapes on windows in the same area.

(Please note that 'Brax" do not manufacture Bonded Roller Blinds locally - we do outsource this to another reputable Australian manufacturer based in Melbourne).

Choosing Fabrics For Roller Blinds

There’s a huge range of fabrics available to ensure the perfect look for roller blinds. Check out our fabics