The Difference Is In The Detail

At the risk of sound liking a cliche, when I started writing this piece I was trying to think of all the things I’ve learnt from working with an Interior Stylist - not just any stylist, but the one and only Julia Green, from Greenhouse Interiors - and the biggest thing that stood out is that the difference really is in the details.

When styling for a photo shoot, Julia’s attention to detail really comes to the fore - whether she is styling a home for a magazine shoot, a new range of bed linen or some Brax blinds for our local press campaigns. Getting good imagery of internal blinds and curtains can be quite challenging, as the light is usually in the wrong position for a good shot, so I have also learnt that its equally as important to use a good photographer.

Our first shoot together was a dull grey October day, just over 3 years ago - we had planned an early start to get the right light for an outdoor shoot of our newly installed Folding Arm Awning - in Julia’s own backyard. The weather was definitely not our friend on the day - however we managed to come away with a range of shots that looked totally amazing.

A simple striped awning had transformed this outdoor space, however it was Julia’s set-up for the shoot that made it look so much better. A few simple props and this backyard became one that so many people not only could relate to - they wanted it for themselves. For weeks after the release of Julia’s awning image onto her social media - she has almost 140K followers on her @greenhouseinteriors Instagram - we were receiving calls from customers that wanted what Julia had. Clearly we had created a very successful advertising campaign. These beautiful images also then went on to feature in some of our national glossy magazines.

Moving to shooting indoors did involve lots of set-up of lighting equipment, but once again Julia’s arranging and rearranging right down to the tiniest details from how a throw laid across the bed or the way books were arranged on a table - made it very clear we were working with an absolute professional. Any wonder her skills are in such constant demand.

Since that first shoot, we’ve worked together with Julia on a regular basis, so almost all of the imagery we use has been styled by Julia, even our recent shoot for our Aspire range, which is targeted at First Home Buyers. What I love about working with Julia is that not only is she is able to style for these different audiences, she makes our products look amazing at the same time. I must add that all of these images have been taken in local homes, homes of our actual customers.

One of our most recent projects working with Julia was to produce a short video, filmed in our South Geelong factory, showcasing our locally manufactured products and the team that work behind the scenes. Its been recently uploaded to our website, so I encourage you to check it out.

We are coming to the end of our third year of working with Julia, as our stylist and brand ambassador. As we take the time to asses what we’ve achieved, what worked well, what not so well, I do admit that each year I feel the quality of our imagery gets better and better, and we do keep raising the bar for ourselves.

So what’s next for Brax and Julia? Let’s just say we are keeping that under our hats for now, but we are very excited about continuing to work together.

Cal Stewart