Who Still Shops Instore?

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In a world with 24 hour access to online shopping, which can be done from the comfort of home, while wearing your pyjamas and without any makeup, it’s astounding to know that in Australia around 93% of purchasing is still done in store.

In this article we share why we do still have a physical retail store and why you should take the time to visit before you choose your new blinds or awnings.

80% of people will do their research online, before making a decision on what they will purchase, however they will then go off and purchase from a retail outlet. I am a big believer in shopping local, but I will definitely spend time online doing some research first, as it does save me time in making sure I go to the right store to begin with, not one that doesn’t stock what I’m looking for.

So when I get asked why do we bother with having a retail store, I can now quote these statistics but I also know that having an up to date, modern showroom is worth the investment.

Purchasing blinds, curtains or awnings for your home is generally a major purchase. For most people it’s also an emotional purchase - you are buying something for your home, so you want to know its going to do what you need, look good, fit properly and it comes with some guarantee as to the quality of the product.

It is a purchase that most people will generally do some research about - to see what’s available, what’s on trend, how it works and if you’re like me - where you can get it locally.

When it comes to choosing window coverings there are a lot of different options to choose from - different styles of blinds that will each have their own unique features and benefits, not to mention their availability in a large range of colours, so getting to see how something will look or equally if not more importantly, how it actually works can save a lot of disappointment or headaches later.

Have you ever purchased something online to find out when it arrives its not actually the colour you thought it was? It’s definitely something that has happened to me.

Our showroom has on display a large number of blinds and awnings, showcasing the many different styles and operating systems available. This is a changing and evolving display, as fabrics and colour are constantly being phased in and out, systems change and new products are being released into the market. Our most recent addition to the range has been “Aspire” a capsule range of locally inspired roller blinds and awnings, specifically designed for first homebuyers.

An area of constant and often rapid change in our industry is in the automation of blinds - motorised blind used to be only occasionally used, generally for those high, hard to reach windows or for big, heavy awnings. Now we are seeing more and more blinds being motorised for everyday use - and to be honest, why wouldn't you? Motorised blinds are simple to use, eliminate unsightly and dangerous cords, and can be fully automated to operate on a timer or schedule, saving you time in your already busy day. Now they can easily, and fairly inexpensively be set up to operate from your phone or tablet too.

So if you are in the market for some new blinds, awnings or curtains for your home, or office, I encourage you to drop into our showroom - 332 Pakington St, Newtown - to check out the latest styles and our friendly team can help with any questions you may have or provide you some samples to take home as well.

And with over 75% of everything we sell being manufactured in our South Geelong factory, you’ll be supporting local employment too.