When Security Looks Good


As the only manufacturers of Crimsafe in Geelong, we’re delighted to be able to play a part in helping people feel safer in their homes. Brax Style Ambassador Julia Green shares her perspective on our Crimsafe Security Doors:

As an interior Stylist, I am constantly on the hunt for products that are not only functional but also stylish. And I can tell you that finding them is not always easy!

For instance, who would have thought that security doors could be synonymous with style? Fortunately for us, things have come a long way in the realm of home security, and protecting your home without detracting from its street appeal is now a real possibility. Hurray!

I happen to know this first hand. My mum, Jillian was recently in a horrific accident that saw her lose her leg. After months of rehab- and when it was time to return home- we all identified that her home was not secure enough to offer her complete peace of mind. But the idea of installing an unattractive security door was not something my house-proud mum wanted to entertain!

Luckily, we stumbled upon the Crimsafe range via our friends at Brax, who have been helping our local community stay safe with security doors for over 75 years. It was music to mum’s ears, to hear that her new security door could be powder coated to any colour of her choice. A very bright, sunny yellow was swiftly selected as her colour of choice, for its nod to happiness, and optimism.

It’s such a joy to come home, and be greeted by this happy door each day. I am super relieved to be feeling secure, without having had to compromise on the aesthetic of my home
— Jillian

Now that I have seen the impact of this stylish door on my mum’s house, I have recommended many others to follow suit. In fact, if you were to do a street tour in Geelong, you would find much of the rainbow represented in some of the doors we have had installed. Long live colour, and long live feeling safe within your own four walls!

Julia Green, Brax Ambassador

Learn more about Crimsafe here.

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