The Perfect Combo

Sheer blinds by Brax Window Treatments

Sheer blinds by Brax Window Treatments


As an owner of Brax Window Treatments, one question I’ve been asked numerous times over the years is “What blinds do you or would you have in your own home?” Having worked in the industry for a long time, you do see trends or fashions that come and go, with some we are more happy to see go than others.

My own ‘perfect combo’ would have to be roller blinds teamed with a beautiful, flowing linen style sheer.

This will give you privacy while still allowing light to filter gently into your room. Sheers have the ability to soften an interior, adding a more feminine touch to the space but without being frilly or too girlish, and with the range of fabrics available can be casual, relaxed looking or even suit a more luxurious,formal interior space. The possibilities are almost endless.

Behind this flowing sheer quietly sits a roller blind, obscured from view but at the ready for when it’s services are required, such as blocking out the light for sleeping or night time privacy when its time for the lights to go on indoors.

Ultimately for me this blind would be fully automated, so I could simply operate it at the touch of a button or via my iPhone when needed.


One of the most versatile and functional window treatments in todays market is the humble roller blind, or holland blind as they were previously known. Available as a simple mechanical, hand operated blind or with a range of automation options that make controlling your blinds extremely easy, these blinds have literally been around forever, but have seen more of a return to style in the past few years. Fabric choices are now extensive, with different light filtering capabilities to total blockout, along with different textured finishes or plain options.

If teaming a roller blind up with a sheer curtain, I usually tend to stick with the simplicity of plain fabrics, which are often more affordable too, leaving more in the budget for the sheers which really are the star in this show.


I’m a natural fibres type of person, insisting on wool carpet despite being told it wouldn't last as long as nylon, and I do love the look and feel of linen.

When it comes to choosing fabrics for sheers and curtains the same does apply - natural fibres such as silks, cottons and pure linens are less stable than man made fibres - which means they don’t hold up to the UV and sunlight quite as well, and will also often shrink or drop due to any moisture in the air.

That’s where my choice would be to go for a blend - many of the ‘linen’ fabrics today have been woven with a polyester that has a stabilising effect on the fabric, which ultimately means it will last longer but still gives that natural slub textured look of pure linen.


How a sheer is hung will also impact upon its appearance and its performance. Going all the way from the floor to ceiling will give a dramatic look to your space, and may help make the room appear larger, but this may not always be the most practical way.

There’s a range of options for different style rods or tracks that your sheer will hang from, but make sure its practical as well as pretty. There’s nothing worse than seeing a curtain rod hanging off the wall because it was never strong enough to take the weight of the curtains or has come unstuck due to the effort required to drag your curtains open or closed. Always ensure there is something for the track or rod to fix to, as often fitting direct try into plaster is fraught with danger.

This is really where expert advice and professional installation will make a huge difference.

For me, the winner is definitely sheers and roller blinds, so now I’m just off to do a little redecorating myself.

- Cal Stewart

Cal Stewart