Awnings with Style.

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Baby its cold outside but winter will soon be done, and Spring will be upon us. As much as I love all of the seasons for what they bring, for us Victorians, there is something about that first burst of fresh air and flinging open the doors that is SO liberating. Afterall, the outdoor /indoor way of life is a quintessential Australian birth right, yes?

And with the opening of the doors comes the great unveil of my outdoor awning. It’s a momentous time on the calendar for us that mark’s the beginning of many long leisurely family dinners of a weekend along with happy carefree memories.

When we first moved to Barwon Heads, installing the awning was one of our first game-changing moves. We could see that we were going to spend the majority of our summer on the deck, and keeping an eye on the kids in the pool meant we would need protection from that harsh Aussie sun.

Naturally, choosing the design was the fun part for me!

I opted to go for a timeless style, as I knew that the black and white stripe would never date. Mr Green had his say in the automation. We both wanted a system that was reliable, fool proof and easy to use! Bingo, as that is exactly what Brax delivered. A site inspection by the experts was booked, and soon after, we were given the green light structurally for our install.

Now with the click of a button we can move our awning to the exact position we need it. Unlike so many other items I’ve sourced for our home, it ticks the box practically and aesthetically, so getting approval on ‘the spend’ front from the other half was less troublesome! (Phew)

I love the way our awning has shaped the summer months for us, and encourages us to be outside more than ever before. There is no reason not to be connecting with nature when you can have the best sun coverage under such a stylish roof. It has allowed us to spend more time as a family at meal times, rather than seeking refuge inside from the burning rays. It’s been a real investment, and one we are all happy to have made.

There is so much to love about Australia- and more locally than that, Barwon Heads. For any coastal homes that I consult with, an awning installation is top of my criteria. It seems silly to be lucky enough to have a playground like ours without wanting to be in it more often! Now is the time to consider it too, so that you are as organised as you can be for a cool and stylish summer ahead. Cheers to that!

Written by Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors

Images by Brax and Cricket Studio

Cal Stewart