Surf's Up

Brax lounge_006.jpg

I’m all for sunny-side up-and I’m not referring to the eggs variety- but the season variety. The moment the long winter days stretch their wary legs and the sun sets later- the better- bring on day light savings, and summer!

But with the warmer months, comes the task of reading your home for the change of season, so here are some tips to consider when preparing for those scorching days that will have you searching for shade.


Once the ‘spring clean’ has taken place, look around the home for signs of winter, in the shape and form of texture. Remove all woollen, overly textured layers, and replace with breathable light linens. Nothing screams summer more than a gentle breeze, with the doors flung open, and gentle movement in the drapes. Speaking of, maybe its time to look at some new timeless fabrics for your window treatments that will look good all year round? Linen’s are a safe bet, as they can double up in winter and summer months without being bias to a season.


Naturally with the warmer weather will come the inclination to spend more time outdoors. Its time to consider your sun protection. Whist good sun protection is an investment; you will find a direct correlation to quality and durability. An awning, for example, will last you a lifetime, whereas a flimsy sun umbrella possibly a season at best. My advice is to save your pennies for the real deal, as if you do it once properly, you won’t need to think about it again.


High summer calls for a nod to the tropics. Embrace indoor plant life, or consider artworks that reflect the outdoors, such as beachscapes or foliage. This will ensure a seamless merge of the outdoors and indoors. The good news for the colour lovers amongst us this summer is that bold is back in the way of yellow/fiery orange/corals and pinks – incorporate these tones into your home for immediate impact.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy the blue skies! Say goodbye to the short cold days, and embrace the warmth!

Written by Julia Green,