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When Security Looks Good

Last year our brand ambassador, Julia Green and her family experienced a trauma that has changed their families life forever. Julia’s Mum, Jillian was involved in a tragic accident that saw her lose her leg.

While many may spend months readjusting to their new lifestyle, Julia’s Mum has always maintained an amazingly positive attitude, but there was one thing that did really unsettle her and that was that when she was able to return home after months of rehab she did not feel safe there anymore.

In this blog post, written by Julia, she discusses how having been able to add a stylish security door to her Mum’s home, in the form of Crimsafe, has given both her Mum, Jillian and the entire family peace of mind.

It’s such a joy to come home, and be greeted by this happy door each day. I am super relieved to be feeling secure, without having had to compromise on the aesthetic of my home,” says Jillian.

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